Women & wealth: Are you prepared to meet their unique financial needs?

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Replay of our webinar titled: Women & Wealth: Are you prepared to meet their unique financial needs?

The wealth management industry is experiencing many changes and advisors need to continually adapt or will get left behind. One example of this is the fact that women are increasingly acquiring a greater share of wealth. It’s imperative for advisors to understand this burgeoning audience’s unique needs, preferences, and behaviors to appropriately compete for this clientele as well as have the tools to deliver on their investment objectives.

With access to the right strategy and technology, this doesn’t need to be a burden or introduce additional complexities for advisors and can lead to more client satisfaction and personalization at scale, providing the opportunity to accelerate practice growth.

55ip’s mission is to break down barriers to financial progress, by offering tax-managed investment solutions with strategic asset manager partners. The latest example of this is BlackRock’s bespoke Model Portfolios for Women that takes into account critical nuances in how long women live, how they earn, and how they spend. The strategy is available on 55ip which provides customizable ongoing tax management on top of the model to drive better outcomes.

Watch our webinar replay to hear 55ip and Blackrock discuss:

  • The wealth transfer to women and how it will impact advisors
  • Unique factors women experience that shape their finances and goals
  • Strategies and technology available to offer personalized solutions to women investors
  • How advisors can approach this topic with clients to enhance existing relationships and create new ones


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