Meet Roy Ben-Joseph: The leader behind 55ip’s Service Center

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Our Service Center is your go-to for technical assistance and outstanding support—and leading the charge is Vice President and Advisor Services Team Leader Roy Ben-Joseph. With the help of a cutting-edge, software-driven workflow system, Roy’s team is doing more than answering questions—they’re providing thoughtful, proactive assistance to advisors, allowing them to better serve their clients. Learn more about Roy’s passion for “superhuman service” and vision for a Service Center that sets a new standard for the advisor-client experience. 

What brought you to 55ip? 

Roy: I started my career in investment banking and quickly realized that I was more of a tech person. After working at a few different investment firms, I heard about a tiny startup called 55ip that was innovating in the fintech space, and I was excited to join the team. Eventually, we started the Service Center, which now includes a team of five people—experts dedicated to serving clients, addressing inquiries, and providing frontline support, both internally and externally.

How do you ensure your team provides outstanding service?

Roy: I always tell my team members to imagine themselves on the other side—to think about how they would want to be treated as a customer. It’s not enough to just answer the question—we have to go above and beyond to truly understand the needs of the business, advisor, and firm. If we keep getting the same question, we have to ask why and get to the root of the issue.  

I encourage my team to be proactive with their service and highlight both a solution and any next steps. We want advisors to know that we’re partners who are here to support them.  

What do you wish advisors knew about the Service Center? 

Roy: That their questions matter to our team. If it takes us a little longer to reply, it’s because we’re working to get them the most timely, yet quality answers. We want to do our due diligence in helping them find a solution.      

Our Service Center can be accessed through this icon in the portal to log issues and requests.

What is one helpful feature in the portal that advisors could utilize more?

Roy: The resources within our advisor portal. The documents in our help center are the quickest way an advisor can find answers and information for questions they may have and are a great complement to what we do. You can find the answer to most questions there—and important information such as trading procedures. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, we’re always a phone call away.   

Our Help Menu can be accessed through this icon within the portal to find resources and walk-throughs.

Why do you love leading 55ip’s Advisor Services Team?

Roy: Nothing makes me happier than a happy client. I take pride in the fact that our service directly correlates to the trust a client has in their financial advisor. I had a great example this morning—an advisor thanked me for the superhuman service and transparency, and for keeping him in the loop while I found a solution. When an advisor tells me that they’ve been able to grow their business because of our ability to deliver scale and quality to their practice—it truly makes my day. 

Roy Ben-Joseph (center) with Doug Eckelkamp (left) and President of 55ip, Paul Gamble (right).

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