What’s in a name? The origin of 55ip

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Our unique name often invites the question, “Where did ‘55ip’ come from?” To provide the answer to the origin of ’55ip’, it’s necessary to start at the beginning.  

55ip was founded by Dr. Vinay Nair in 2016 as 55 Capital Partners and later renamed to simply 55ip. A leading academic and entrepreneur, Vinay saw an opportunity created by the expansion of lower-cost indexed investments. He knew he could deploy sophisticated quantitative capabilities that would improve the performance of index-driven portfolios by reducing the impact of fees, taxes and extreme losses.

A number with unique mathematical attributes 

The number 55 appealed to the engineer in Vinay for two reasons. First, it is a triangular number. Second, it’s also a Fibonacci number, and, yes, we realize both of these concepts require further explanation, as well. 

Triangular numbers: There’s a complex formula for determining whether a number is triangular, but the visual method for doing so is simple and straightforward. If you plot each number as a series of dots, triangular numbers are those for which you could form the dots into a shape that resembles a perfect isosceles triangle, as pictured below. (As you can see from the illustration, it works for three dots but wouldn’t for two or four, and so on.) In Vinay’s mind, triangular numbers are a good metaphor for investing: you start with building blocks and achieve a desirable and balanced result.

Fibonacci numbers: If you start with the numbers 0 and 1 and then create a series by making the next number the sum of the two previous numbers, you create a Fibonacci sequence, as illustrated below. Each number in this series is a Fibonacci number. The Fibonacci sequence, also known as the Golden Ratio and a logarithmic spiral, has multiple applications in mathematics, and its presence is widely evident in nature. In Vinay’s view, the fact that 55 is a Fibonacci number provided further evidence of its mathematical charms.

Admirable qualities in numerology, too 

In numerology, 55 reflects the qualities of independence, exploration and self-determination.  A number that has mathematical beauty and precision then also conveys the admirable traits of brave and independent thinkers. It’s often been said that good investing requires a combination of art and science. Detailed and careful quantitative analysis must be brought together with good instincts about what constitutes promising investments. Those instincts can be honed only by brave and independent thinkers. The number 55, through the principles of both mathematics and numerology, conjures all of these qualities. 

“IP”: Multiple meanings, one vision 

There’s no single source of meaning for our initials. Instead, they reflect key terms that collectively describe our vision, our approach, and our people.  

  • We power Intelligent Portfolios 
  • Via our tax-smart Investment Platform 
  • With the power of our Intellectual Property 
  • For our Important Partners 
  • Delivered by the hustle of our Incredible People

Together, the numbers and letters in our name come together to form a descriptive and apt moniker for what we do and how we do it.  


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