Advisor Benefits

Drive greater value and scale your business the 55ip way.

55ip’s technology powers efficiency for every stage of your practice—enabling you to grow your business, expand client relationships, and access tax, tech, and investment expertise that aligns with your needs.

Advisor Benefits

Get started

For advisors looking to build their practice, 55ip offers a behind-the-scenes bench. Made up of asset and wealth management veterans, our Advisor Success Team helps you get started and tap into 55ip’s marketing, trading, and research experts, as needed.

Grow your business

Grow your business the 55ip way with our educational and prospecting tools, and custom models. Advisors who use custom models, like those created by 55ip’s industry-leading product partners, have doubled overall asset growth as compared to those who have not.

Source: “A Data-Backed Solution to Building a More Profitable Advisory Business,” SEI Advisor Network and FP Transitions, October 2016

Differentiate your offering

Looking to defend your market space with a differentiated offering? 55ip’s automated tax-smart technology elevates financial products by providing ongoing tax-loss harvesting, which is designed to improve client outcomes.

Boost valuation

For advisors considering a succession strategy, maximizing practice valuation matters. Achieve operational scale and efficiency and enhance exit estimates with 55ip.

RIA aggregator firms often struggle to serve a large number of small accounts. By partnering with 55ip, firms gain access to customizable investment strategies and tax management capabilities through an easy-to-use interface—all at scale.

As a result, 55ip RIA clients have become heroes to their clients, while driving new assets under management for their practice. And by honoring what advisors value most—freedom, flexibility, and control—55ip helps attract more RIAs to grow your firm.

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