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Optimize your business and drive better outcomes.

Use our intelligent automation to help drive portfolio efficiency and mitigate taxes throughout the life of an investment.

Investment Intelligence through Our ActiveTax Technology℠

Deliver differentiated value throughout the client journey with our ActiveTax TechnologySM, the solution and engine at the heart of 55ip’s offering that enables tax-smart transitions, management, and withdrawals.

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Intuitive Advisor Experience

While advisor investment portals come standard, ours is anything but. As a partner, you can access our technology and services through a sleek, intuitive interface. Experience real-time investment selection, customization, tax-smart portfolio transition proposals, and automated trading—all at your fingertips.

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Efficiency from Our Automated Portfolio Implementation

Let us take the work off of your plate. Partnering with 55ip allows you to focus on the most strategic aspects of your practice by outsourcing functions like systematized trading, portfolio rebalancing, and tax management—while retaining control of relationship-driven decisions like portfolio design and customization.

Not limited to non-qualified accounts, our trading and rebalancing services are ideally suited for clients’ retirement accounts as well.

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