Automated Portfolio Implementation

Ease your administrative burden. Enhance portfolio management.

Tax-Smart Trading

No longer solely for high-net-worth accounts, tax-smart solutions are the new frontier of wealth management. 55ip’s ActiveTax TechnologySM, including tax-loss harvesting and tax-smart transitions, enables automated tax management across your book of business.

Looking to save 500 hours a year? Start by delegating trading and rebalancing services for qualified and non-qualified accounts to 55ip.

Rebalancing Services

Keeping your portfolios on point and reducing risk, particularly in volatile markets, just got easier. In addition, we can apply tax-smart rebalancing for non-qualified accounts—so your clients capture more of their investment upside.

“In 2022, we executed nearly 2 million trades on behalf of advisors, saving them an average of 500 total hours. Our trading and operation teams understand that delivering quality, service, and scale are critical to honoring our partnerships and growing your business.”

Kyle Parker, Head of Trading and Operations

See our cadence for systematic trades, tax management, and rebalancing.

Model Updates

55ip trades when the asset manager (or client) updates the model portfolio allocation.

Tax Management

Accounts with tax management services are reviewed repeatedly throughout the year for tax-loss harvesting trade opportunities.

Periodic Rebalancing

Accounts subscribed to client-provided models are rebalanced to the model portfolio’s target allocations.

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