ActiveTax Technology SM

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Tax-Smart Transitions

Money is continually in motion. We help transition your clients’ accounts into the suitable tax-smart solution that you choose.


Tax-Smart Ongoing Management

Turn tax-loss harvesting into an automated, integrated, and ongoing service.


Tax-Smart Withdrawals

When ready to withdraw assets, we’ll help ensure a tax-aware transaction for you and your clients.

“Every day we think about how to improve the client experience and financial outcome. By partnering with 55ip, advisors can help their clients keep more of what they earn by using year-round active tax management techniques like tax-loss harvesting and tax-smart transitions.”

Swati Bairathi, Chief Product Officer

Left unmanaged, taxes can erode your clients’ investment outcomes, leaving them with less for their long-term goals.

ActiveTax TechnologySM

How do you show the value of tax-smart tech?

55ip’s quarterly tax savings report offers a comprehensive view of your clients’ estimated annual tax savings, quantifying the amount they would have otherwise paid without our tax-smart technology. Generated quarterly, these reports allow you to demonstrate the value of tax-loss harvesting to your clients throughout the year.  


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