Your Investment Strategies.

Delivering automated tax management solutions to a variety of investment vehicles and asset classes

Managing assets in an ever-changing market requires a diversified tool kit that combines advisor expertise with the right technology partner. With 55ip, you’re able to achieve both. You control the investment strategy while we supply the tax-smart technology. Together, we can further your practice and optimize client outcomes.

Your Investment Strategies

Apply our intelligent automation to manage your clients’ tax burden.

Choose an investment strategy from one of 55ip’s asset manager partners or import your own.

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Your Investment Solutions from Our Partners

Model Portfolios

The model portfolios on our platform are created and maintained by our asset manager partners. Many can be customized to your preferences in partnership with the asset manager.


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Active Separately Managed Accounts

Get precise with single-style active separately managed accounts (SMAs). Select the SMA investment sector and values-based inputs to pursue a range of objectives, from diversification to ESG. Using 55ip’s platform, you benefit from our systematic rebalancing and tax harvesting strategies.


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Direct Indexing Solutions

The benefits of direct indexing solutions‚ÄĒnamely investment precision and efficiency‚ÄĒhave historically come at the cost of labor-intensive management.¬†

Now, on the 55ip platform, advisors can re-create an index with our partners‚Äô products and apply our intelligent automation to track the original index‚ÄĒall while keeping accounts tax efficient.

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Unified Managed Accounts

Unified managed accounts (UMAs) can combine multiple security types, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds, into a single account. With 55ip, this carefully curated basket will benefit from an automated tax management overlay.


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