Engage with your clients’ accounts using sophisticated, user-friendly tech that illustrates outcomes, quickly and easily.

Within 55ip’s intuitive advisor experience, you can customize our partners’ strategies

We generate a view of multiple portfolio transition scenarios and the associated taxes in seconds, enabling you to create client-specific tax budgets and transition plans.

Seamlessly integrate 55ip’s intuitive advisor experience into your existing workflow.

Easy to Use

Built by our world-class technologists to optimize the advisor experience, our intuitive experience enables you to easily control and execute essential investment actions.

Immediate, Automated Analysis

Upload basic end-client information to instantly generate a transition proposal, illustrating tax exposure without the risk of human data-entry error.

Advisor Control

Once you assess clients’ tax exposure, you have control over what happens next: 

  • Choose an investment strategy.
  • Customize investment solutions based on clients’ preferences.
  • Select how much your client wants to transition.
  • Rerun the transition proposal to see the implications of your customized approach.

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